Create energy for independency

Create energy for independency

Marion Stekkel – Vroom

Marion is inspired when she notices that people want to make the best of their lives.

As a sustainable Entrepreneurship Developer, thereby promoting Community Economic Development.  Training specialist, life coach, and mentor, she runs a consultancy through which she lives her vision and passion to motivate people, especially women and young people, to do better.

With 20 years of experience in empowering women, she has been using every opportunity

she gets since 2014 to achieve her goals as president of the Women in Business Suriname.

Over the years, the organization is not only visible but also in its impacted Surinamese society from the metropolitan district to the distant hinterland executing sustainable project The organization supports and builds the capacity of women running start-ups at micro, small and medium levels in the country towards sustainability. As a board member of the Suriname Guarantee Fund, she has the opportunity to support SMEs that have insufficient collateral for loans but are credible with financing options.