Create energy for independency

Create energy for independency

Janine Jadnanansing

Janine Jadnanansing is Commercial Director of the Beta Group N.V., a renowned energy service provider for the oil, mining & utility sector. Founded by her father Rudi Jadnanansing in 1987 as a sole proprietor business, deploying around 100 FTE today.

Indicative to their family enterprise is choosing people over profit and feeling the accountability to provide an economic opportunity to the community, particularly in terms of employment.

She studied business engineering in the Netherlands and gained experience in various industries, including oil & gas. During her time at Shell, she volunteered as the Chairwoman of the Diversity & Inclusiveness team.

Her father, a progressive man, encourages her to enact from her position as woman in the family business to change the status quo of gender equality, women’s empowerment and those who are lowest on the economic ladder. They both feel the moral obligation to change things that do not work in favor of social and economic welfare.

Dreams of prosperity for SME in Suriname have now become reality, thanks to the current developments and leaders that have promised dedication towards economic stability and a clean energy future.